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About Us

If you are far away from your loved ones on the special occassions of  life, we are here to shortened the distances. 

We will convey your unsaid feelings and emotions to your friends, family and relatives all over PAKISTAN through our specially designed and customized handmade greeting cards.

Just Ask from THERE... Always happy to help HERE!

We make sending greeting cards easy!

No more need to get to the shop, no more need to buy stamps or queue in Post Office!

We will even personalise your handmade cards with bespoke messages and send them for you, too!

Our each and every design can be fully personalised according to your requirments.

We aim to exceed your expectations. We carefully produce our cards of the highest quality and describe our products in as much detail as possible to avoid any disappointment when they arrive.

If you have any questions, please get in touch.